Monday, September 17, 2012

FREE bread pudding from Ernest's and cash money for poetry

I'm sitting on top of FREE bread pudding from Ernest's... well, kinda... Thanks to Kelly Phelan Powell for the great write up! #voodoo #voodoomagic #breadpudding #free #Ernests #voodoodoll #boro #borostitch
You've just got a day or two to pick up the September 5, 2012 issue of The Forum if you want to read the sweet article Kelly Phelan Powell wrote about my work (more about the interview). Lora Fairchild took the photo in the Meadows Museum. If you can't find a hard copy you can always find back issues of The Forum on their website. 

It makes me laugh to see how the article sits above the ad for FREE bread pudding from Ernest's. Even if you don't wanna read about me, you know you want get a copy of that ad so can get one of those tasty Southern desserts. For FREE!

Love the whole article (who doesn't like to have a swell article on themselves...) but the last part is my favorite

" of Usher's chief goals is to exhort Shreveport artists to tell their own stories.

'Don't tell the story of New Orleans,' she said. 'Don't paint a picture of your feet on the beach in the Florida sand. I couldn't care less about that. Go take a photo of your feet in the Red River sand and tell me our story because we have some really great stories.'"

Speaking of the Meadows Museum, they have a new website from The Friends of the Algur Meadows Museum of Art at Centenary College. The new site has a blog. Here's the post on the poetry contest being held in conjunction with the large piece Matador by Monica Zeringue now showing in the main gallery at the museum.

Still working on the blog post about the 42 Voodoo dolls I found at a local church. Details later this week in a blog post. I promise.

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Kelly said...

Fascinating subjects make good articles! Undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable writing experiences of my career.