Monday, August 13, 2012

My Daughter the Assassin Giving Her Permission to Kill

My Daughter The Boss Answers - "Crossbow" #college #thesis #writtenintwosummermonths #hardwork #brave #LSUS #shreveport #louisiana #kathrynusher
When my daughter plays video games she likes to be the assassin or thief. She's a rogue.

After Charlie (my husband, her daddy) passed away last September, I watched Katee play video games. At first it was a challenge because she was always killing and stealing. And yet in the game when her boyfriend took the same kind of actions, I cheered him.

Did I want Katee to be Miss Congeniality and try to charm her way through Skyrim? Apparently so. Did I really think the fire breathing dragon would pay attention if she made "pretty feet" while trying to talk him into not eating the villagers?

Somehow I muddled through the fall and winter and summer and got over my hesitation of having a bad ass for a daughter. I guess I even embraced it. Last month when she texted me that she had defended her senior thesis "like a boss" the image that popped in to my mind was Katee in her Thieves Guild gear standing in a pool of light on an otherwise darkened stage brandishing enchanted Daedric daggers while slashing her way though a herd of dragons.


CGJ said...

Here's to "bad ass" daughters! Well done.

Kathryn Usher said...

Agree! Also to bad ass daughters who have bad ass friends to love and support them in their bad assery!