Friday, August 24, 2012

Fitch Bros Common Seen Artspace

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Okay. Get ready to hate me. I hate me for thinking these thoughts.

I'm a little concerned about the art we are making in Shreveport. I know it's hard to be fantastically creative with limited budgets, but kids, dang.

I want you, I want me to get out there and stir up some fantastically never before seen things. Make my eyes weep. Make my brain explode.

6 Things I don't want to see ever again
1.) Watercolor paintings of flowers. Stop it now.
2.) Things made from lint (you should be line drying your clothes anyway).
3.) Work that goes under the file "Hey, that's pretty good for Shreveport/Bossier."
4.) Artists who keep making art and it's not selling so when they die the folks left behind will have to figure out what to do with it (do your friends and loved ones a favor and throw that crap away or paint over it and work some more or have a yearly bonfire).
5.) Art made that has absolutely no artist's thumbprint to it whatsoever.
6.) Showing work that is perfectly fine for what it is - "crap I'm making to get to the work I really need to be showing." Refer to item 4 for what to do with those pieces.

If you really don't know if the art you are making is crap or not, do us all a favor. Take a week or two and absorb all the artist bios on the PBS show Art21. Then ask yourself this question as you look around your studio/garage/laundry room/kitchen/back porch "How's my art practice look compared to those professionals?" If it doesn't stack up stop making art and become a collector instead. You'll be an instant hero because quality collectors are desperately needed in SB Land.

Having said the above, I'm looking forward to the opening at artspace tonight. As Trudeau put it "The Fitch Bros gang" has filled artspace with their art. Here's hoping my brain explodes when I enter the space. If you go and make it upstairs... I have a couple of works of iPhoneography in the Common Seen exhibit and Blair Thrall has a fine solo show of her colorful paintings.

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Frances said...

OMG, are going to think you have found Nirvana!!! I only got to see the beginnings of their show...makes me sick I won't get to see it all finished. I is so amazing, liken to the Sistine Chapel, you will want to just lay on your back and soak it in for hours!!! Please write about it after you go. I will have to see it through your words....can't wait.